Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Meet Mrs. Copper

Species: Gopher Snake, Albino
Age: Estimated 2-3 Years
Nicknames: Mrs. Copper
Mrs. Copper's Story: Mrs. Copper came to us as just "Copper". Copper was one of the pets of a young, newly married couple. Unfortunately, they were forced to find a new home for many of their pets because the man was joining the military and had to leave. My partner had just moved in with me from out-of-state when I saw the advertisement for a gopher snake on Craigslist. I had been wanting a snake for awhile, and my partner and I wanted to get a non-dog pet together, so I had been browsing the website for a couple of days. I had never heard of a gopher snake before, but we did our research and discovered they were even easier to care for than some of the more common snake species, like Ball Pythons.

   We got in contact with the owner, and went to pick up Copper the next day. We were told Copper was a boy. The owner gave us some information, like Copper's age, what he ate, and so on. He gave us Copper's 55 gallon aquarium and aquarium furniture along with him. Within a week or so we took Copper to the veterinarian because he seemed to be yawning a lot. It was our first time owning a snake, and we were worried snake parents. While we were there, we had the veterinarian "probe" Copper to verify his sex.

   Well, fortunately Copper was fine.. But, according to the veterinarian, he was a she. Copper's name was immediately changed to Ms. Copper, and then later Mrs. Copper. Mrs. Copper is a healthy eater. She loves to come out of the tank, and she has a much more docile disposition than most other Gopher Snakes. We are still unsure about her sex, because during breeding season she will chase Mr. Copper around the tank and he shows no interest, but we hope to get a third opinion some day soon. Until then, I hope we are not burning a male snake's ego with the name "Mrs. Copper". As if a doctor not being able to feel your junk wasn't shameful enough.



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