Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Meet the Family

   Figured I'd do some household introductions. I'm sure the others will be appearing in my blog occasionally.. This isn't quite the wrap up of introductions, tomorrow I will do a "RIP" post of those who have passed and that will be it. I promise! Above is, from left to right: Me, Nathan, my mother, and my grandmother.

Me: I'm sure you guys kinda know me by now but I'll try to go a bit more in-depth here. My name is Cynthia Downer. I was born in the city of South Bend, IN and I have lived here for most of my life. As you have probably all guessed, I love animals. I am particular to the exotic kind - I love anything scaley, slimey, or just out of the ordinary! I am also, however, a dog and cat lover. There are few animals that I don't like. 
   I obtained my GED with honors in January of 2011, but don't let that fool you. The common opinion is that people who get their GED are "quitters" or "lack motivation" and, to the contrary, I am so motivated that I decided to leave high school early and get my GED so I could go straight into college and start my career with animals sooner. I have been attending Brown Mackie College's Veterinary Technology class since March of 2011 and I am just finishing up with my general education courses. I should start my lab classes in December or February. I am typically an "A" student. Like I said, I have very high motivation and I also have a passion for learning. I spend most of my day learning about things I enjoy: mainly animals, with a tad of this and that. 

   I had a son with my partner, Jonathan, in January of 2011, but due to our situation(at the time neither of us were working, no education, bad neighborhood, and so on) we decided to give him to a lovely adoptive family. We get to see him every few months, like in the picture above, and we get pictures and an update monthly.

   I have grand plans of moving to my partner's native city of Miami in the future, or at least somewhere near there. The opportunities for me to work as a veterinary technician with wild or exotic animals are much more abundant there, being the exotic animal import/export "hub", along with the fact that that's where Jonathan's family lives. I believe that is all I have to say about myself for now!

Mom: My mom. Her name is Jessica. Mother to myself and my two half sisters. My mom is an amazing woman. She somehow tolerates myself, my sisters, my partner, and my zoo. I don't know how she does it. Maybe one day I will have her master mum skills. We are currently living with her, she is master of the house, and so an essential participant.. Errr, provider, I wouldn't say she chose to participate LOL.. to my zoo.

Grandma: Affectionately referred to as "Gma" or "Grandma Barb", my grandma was my animal loving mentor. I'm pretty sure she's the reason I like animals so much. We're pretty close. She has two dogs, Zayda and Koryiak(did I spell that right?), who are great buddies with Jack and Zora. Unfortunately, they haven't been able to see each other very much, or at all really, since we moved to the new house. It's a bit too small for four big, rambunctious dogs and Midget to be chasing each other around! I do have get together plans for Zora's next birthday though.. Shhh, don't tell Zora, or any of them for that matter!

Hope you guys don't mind that my face is in all of these! Haha

Jonathan: This guy is also a pretty important part of this whole zoo operation. He works. Working means money means pet care. LOL just kidding Jonathan. Jonathan and I have lived together for about a year and a half, and we have been together for a little over two years. As my grandma mentored me in the, uh, skills? of animal loving, so I have mentored him. He used to like animals. Now he loves them, just like me :). I think, unfortunately, Jack is pretty jealous of him. Before Jonathan entered the picture, Jack was my main man. Now they kinda have to share that place. And, of utmost importance, Jonathan is my shoulder to cry on when something goes wrong with my zoo.. He provides level-headedness, comfort, and someone to feel sad with when I need it most. I love him. I will often refer to Jonathan as my "partner" because we are not yet engaged and yet I feel like we are way more than boyfriend & girlfriend.

Courtney & Crystal: My *cough* lovely little sisters. Currently they are eight and nine years old. They require much more supervision and training.. I mean instruction.. than any of the critters in my zoo :). I still love them though. They enjoy helping with the zoo when they can and they often come to me to ask questions about animals. Zoomie and Princess are technically their cats, so I've been trying to give them a crash course in responsibility.



  1. Cynthia this was WONDERFUL!! I loved reading/learning more about you and your family! What a wonderful family it is!

  2. @Cat Chat With Caren And Cody Glad you enjoyed! We are an odd bunch but we love each other :)