Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Meet Princess and Zoomie

Breed: DSH
Age: 1 Year
Nicknames: Kitty(both, haha)
Princess and Zoomie's Story: Princess and Zoomie are moreso my little sisters' cats than my own, but they are a part of the household so I figured it was only fair to introduce them as well. Princess is in the right picture, and Zoomie is in the left picture. They are brother and sister: can you tell? LOL. It is much easier to tell who is who when you live with them. As far as appearance goes, Zoomie has a bit of white on his chest and is much taller, longer, and generally very "lithe" in appearance. Princess is stouter and shorter.

   It is much easier to tell Princess and Zoomie apart by their personalities. If one of them is in front of you, and you call, "Here kitty kitty," one of two things will happen. If it is Zoomie, he will come up to you and let you pet him, jump on your lap if you are sitting, and rub his face on yours nonstop(unless you are my partner). If it is Princess, she will dart away from you quickly, unless you are one of my sisters. Princess is easy to spook, and she really prefers the dogs to any humans. Zoomie likes the dogs, but he likes us people just as much!

(old picture, not sure which kitty it was)

   Zoomie and Princess are my little sisters' first pets. They were one of their dad's neighbor's kittens. According to them, Zoomie belongs to Courtney(the oldest) and Princess belongs to Crystal, but they both share the responsibilities of cleaning the litter box out and getting them food and water. Of course, they have to be reminded on a daily basis, and I'm usually the "enforcer", but that's a part of teaching children responsibilities with animals.

(another old picture of Crystal with both of the kittens)


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