Monday, November 14, 2011

Doggie Travel Agent, Stat!

   I get to take one of my favorite furkids to Miami, FL with me.. Now what? I have never traveled very far with one of my pets before! My mind is pretty overwhelmed with things I need to figure out. Luckily I still have about a month.

   First the obvious: I need to get a list of pet-friendly hotels that are along our route. I know that Motel 6 accepts pets and does not charge a fee, which is great because they are a very cheap hotel anyways and we don't have a lot of money to spend on a hotel room. Gas is not cheap folks! Does anyone know how I can find out which hotels are directly off of the high way we are taking without looking them up individually.


  And I mean, I know I love road trips, but what about Jack? How often will I need to let him out to go potty, or just stretch his legs?



   That's all I can think of as far as the trip down there, besides the obvious food. But once we are in Miami? That's a whole different story..

    (Jack, I know you are a lady killer. But please make no attempts to take off the pretty Miami ladies' polka dot bikinis. Thanks, your mum.)


   I want to look up which dog park in Miami is the best one to go to. lists like, eight of them! Crazy! Apparently there is only one dog-friendly beach though. I need to do my research and see if it is worth going to; I read one review that said it was rocky and glassy.

   Oh my gosh! There are dog friendly cafes? It's like a dream..

   I remember when I went there a couple of years ago, there were a lot of mosquitoes. I bet there are a lot of fleas too. He's already on drops, but I better pack a powerful vampire repelling spray for us both! Does anyone have any recommendations?


Oh, dear.. What about the alligators?


How many iguanas can you count? Click the pic 4 full size!

   Or what if Jack gets too rambunctious with an iguana? I've heard their tails pack a powerful punch.



Emergency veterinarian number needed.  

  Inner sanity taking over now. Okay Cynthia! Breathe. Now go find your scatterbrained self a nice pen and pad to organize your thoughts while your kind readers leave some desperately needed advice for traveling with pup!



  1. When are you going to Miami?
    My brother lives there!
    We actually might be going there as well in the next month or so.
    I would google some of your questions....or....pose some of them in BlogPaws!
    Are you friends in BlogPaws with Dorian from "Your Daily Cute?" I believe she lives in the Miami area.

    I think you could also check with the website gopetfriendly or something like that!

  2. We are leaving on the 22nd of December and starting to drive back up on the 1st of January. We were going to stay down there for three weeks, but my school schedule wouldn't allow it ):

    I am not friends with her, but I will go add her now. I bet she can let me know about some nice dog-friendly places there. Thanks!

    When are you going down? Are you taking Dakota and/or Cody or are they going to be taken care of by a sitter/kennel?

  3. I think it was a great move on your part to do some research beforehand on places where you can take your little furkids along in the vacation you planned. But if all else fails, you can always consult with a travel agent to get the information that you need. I hope you’ve found the perfect place and set-up for you and your furry companions on this particular trip!

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