Thursday, November 3, 2011

MFCI: Saving Homeless Kitties

   I've always been a bit partial to stray dogs and cats, perhaps even more so than the dogs and cats in shelters. I'm not sure why, I suppose I feel like they require more immediate help. It's very hard on me emotionally to see a stray cat or dog. Usually, I convince my partner to pull over so that I can attempt to call the stray to me, and when they don't, it kind of puts a rainy cloud over me for the rest of the day.


   Today, I'd like to give a little shout out to the local organization that helps the stray and feral kitties in my community. Michiana Feral Cat Initiative provides colony care advice, shelter building instructions, trapping, and transportation of stray and feral cats to local low-cost spay/neuter facilities. They are the only organization that focuses on TNR and feral cat management in my community, and they work in partnership with local animal rescues and shelters to save feral cats' lives and change local ordinances regarding pet owner vs. feral cat caretaker. MFCI is currently assisting me with the care of my neighborhood's feral cat population, which is just another example of how caring and supportive they are!

   If you live in the Michiana area, consider volunteering time with this organization to help trap and transport the outdoor cats in our area. If you'd like to donate something instead, this is their current wishlist:
  • 2-inch thick Owens-Corning polysterene foamular 150 board (for shelters)
  • straw (to insulate shelters)
  • peel-and-stick linoleum tiles (for shelter floors)
  • outdoor paint (for shelters)
  • dry cat and kitten food
  • wet cat food
  • live traps (brands: Safeguard, Tomahawk, Havahart, Tru-Catch)
  • trap dividers
  • sheets, towels and blankets (to cover traps when trapping and for recuperation after surgery)
  • paper plates (for trapping)
   You can also make a cash donation here. $40 can spay/neuter and vaccinate one homeless cat!



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