Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pictures and a Video of a Very Doggy Vacation

   Jack, Jonathan and I got back from Miami on Monday night. In case you haven't noticed the lack of posts this past week, getting back into my "groove" has been a little challenging. Top it off with the fact that this month I am taking Anatomy and Physiology.. A class that most of the "senior" veterinary technician students claim to be the hardest as far as homework and studying go. And they've got that right. I've been doing roughly five hours per night. And darn, I just reminded myself about those two five page papers I need to finish within the next two weeks. Ouch.

  Enough complaining. Time to brag. ;)

Long Story Short:

   Jack had a blast chasing iguanas.

   Jack had a blast lounging around the house.

   Jack had a blast swimming in the ocean.

   Jack loved the cool, breezy weather.

   Jack thought our road trip back home was boring and tiresome.

   Jack was not impressed with the impromptu trip to a mechanic's somewhere near Atlanta.

   And there are also a couple of random pictures. Like the picture of the elephant I saw at the zoo, and the picture of our first sighting of snow on the way back up. By the way, humans go into shell shock when they enter a car and it is a relaxing 72 degrees, then by the time they can get out of the car there is a freaking blizzard going on. Not dogs though. Dogs like Jack have fun trying to catch the snowflakes and barking and getting excited and biting the snow on the ground.

   One more thing before I show you the video of Jack chasing an iguana. Guess what I did the minute I got back into the neighborhood, during a blizzard, before I even stopped at home?? I helped some kids catch their crazy Great Dane that was weaving in and out of traffic on icy, wet, snowy roads. In the middle of a blizzard.. Did I already say that??




  1. Go Jack go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Glad you had a good vacation!

    My brother lives in Miami!!

    You are one smart cookie taking anatomy and physiology...I couldn't pass that if my life depended on it!

  2. LOL those iguanas confused him so much! So did all of the little lizards running around. What part of Miami does your brother live in? We were near Coral Gables. If you've ever been there, the waterway is a little bit of a give away!

    Psst.. I haven't passed it yet, don't jinx me! lol. I am fairly confident that I will, but I am only one week into it and my mind is exhausted. This is where the one course a month thing messes me up bad. I'm expected to learn the entire skeletal system, or the entire cardiovascular system in one day. To top it off, it's not just one species.. You could never imagine how different the leg bones are between a horse and a dog.