Monday, March 12, 2012

Pet Project 365

     I don't know about you guys, but last week was a little busy for us. Stay tuned to find out why throughout the rest of this week! ;)

Pet Project 365: Day Forty-Seven:
Day Forty-Seven: Do you see what I see? That is a black hair. Black hair, white dog. Silly genetics. Since Jack is already white, I guess he is going to get black hairs as he ages. :P (And yes, I made sure it was attached, and not just one of Zora or Midget's hairs in his coat.)

Pet Project 365: Day Forty-Eight:
Day Forty-Eight: Newest additions to our ten gallon tank. Do you know what these are? Check back later this week to find out!

Pet Project 365: Day Forty-Nine:
Day Forty-Nine: Wut?

Pet Project 365: Day Fifty:
Day Fifty: Took this pic right before we left to drop Anna off for surgery. Maybe I'm too negative of a person, but when a pet goes under anesthesia, I always worry that dropping them off may be the last time I'll see them. So I take a picture.

Pet Project 365: Day Fifty-One:
Day Fifty-One: It looks worse than it is, but poor Anna's incision is pretty swollen and ouchy-looking due to its location. :( Keep her in your thoughts and send her positive healing/pain relieving vibes!

Pet Project 365: Day Fifty-Two:
Day Fifty-Two: More new additions! :)

Pet Project 365: Day Fifty-Three:
Day Fifty-Three: Anna's still locked up. ): She needs to be for another week and a half to restrict her activity.



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